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Ladies Which Guy Would You Choose

So here's a question for all ladies, which guy will you choose between the two description of guys below

1. The rich, but rude guy- This type of guy is handsome, gives you all the financial needs you desire and also makes materialistic provision, he spends on you lavishly, he could buy the whole restaurant for a certain period, just for you two to be alone, to display how much he is worth, when you are with this guy, you know you are in money, but this guy doesn't respect you, he could talk /insult you at any place, even at a gathering with his friends, he is proud arrogant and doesn't think about your well being first, you don't even know your place in his heart, whether you are the real girlfriend or just a regular chick, he doesn't give any explanations for whatever he does, you know nothing about his personal life other than he is rich, he yells at you sometimes,though he has the perfect picture and stature of your dream guy

2. The struggling but respectful guy-

This type of guy, isn't so so good looking, he doesn't dress so well to your taste too, he gives you all necessary explanation, where he has been, what he did, he tells you he misses you, he doesn't support you to your expectations financially but he tries and struggles to meet your demands, he puts you first and totally respect you, your parents and your decisions, he tries never to hurt you, he could give all his life savings for your comfort/for your families comfort, but he doesn't have the stature of your dream guy, though you know he is really into you

So ladies, which would you choose?

Thanks for reading

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