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Opinion: 10 ways to make your girl feel loved

All these are things you can do to make your girl feel loved in a relationship.

(1). Always let her know she is special to you. 

(2). Always give her attention.

(3). Always surprise her with nice gifts.

(4). Call, at least once a day and send her a text before you go to bed most times.

(5). Appreciate things she's doing to support you and the relationship.

(6). Always give her nice and sweet compliments. 

(7). Support her financially.

(8). Avoid making her feel jealous.

(9). Be nice to people that are important to her.

(10) finally, put her opinions into consideration, if she suggests a better way you can go about something.

There is nothing like love and being loved in a relationship. So, always treat your girl like a queen, and she's going to do the same in return.

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