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5 Things Every Woman Secretly Does But Would Never Admit

I believe men and women are always curious to know what quirky or sometimes disgusting things the opposite sex does when alone in the comfort of their own home. Well I can't represent the men on this one, yet I can represent myself and other ladies I know and kindly reveal five things we do in private.

1. When taking selfies (regardless of whether it's put online or send to a guy) ladies will in every case initially send three or four pictures to our best girlfriend for her opinion on which picture is the best.

2. We manhandle our breast constantly! The best feeling on the planet to us ladies is simply the crazy back rub and massage we give ourselves after finally taking off our bra.

3. While taking a stab at yoga pants at the store, we do squats before the changing room mirror to ensure nobody can see through them.

4. At the point when we prepare to go out, we will begin 3 hours before we have to leave since we realize we will definitely end up getting side tracked because we will either have a terrible hair of face or on the grounds that we will sit in our overstuffed closet thinking we don't have anything to wear. At the point we will wait until we have 30 minutes left to prepare and afterward truly rush to get out the door on time.(Women are more sufficient when under pressure).

5. At the point when ladies at long last have motivation to get dressed up we cannot leave behind a decent selfie opportunity, this is generally why we are continually running late.

Girls will still be girls, there is no difference amongst themselves.

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