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Men, don't let your girlfriend know this thing about you.

Love is a beautiful thing. It's very much fine when you love someone so much and you cannot do without them but showing them how deep you love them can lead to some adverse effects.

This is applied to men who can bring than the whole world for their girlfriend because they love them truly and very deeply.

But I'm here to advise men that they shouldn't show women the actual amount they have for her or how deeply they love her.

Many women love to take advantage of love so much, especially when a man start showing them how deep they love them.

Once a woman knows you cannot do without her, she will start taking advantage of you thereby misbehaving.

They will always want you to bring the whole world down for them. They will make you do some things you don't want to do or some things that are not proper for you to do as the head.

They can go as far as disrespecting you.

Just imagine a your girlfriend saying you should wash the plate for her just because she knows you love her?

Well, I'm not saying it is bad for you to do some things for your girlfriend, even washing plates for her but she shouldn't start feeling like it's your duty to do that always just because you are showing her love.

Women love to take advantage of men once they noticed you are so much in love with them. You have to be careful how you show your love to your girlfriend.

Some things are not worth doing for love.

It's fine if you take her out on a date, appreciate her, play with her, give her attentions she deserve. Treat her well that she doesn't want to leave you but don't mix infatuation with love. They are two different things.

Cherish her and be affectionate.

Show her love but don't let her know how much you really do in the process.

Men, don't show your girlfriend how much you love her until you become the tail.

Always remember you are the head.

Comment below if you think I'm wrong or if you think I'm right, appreciate my article.

I love you.

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