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10 Signs That He Loves You

You've been dating your partner for sometime. And now you are deeply in love with him. But, you don't know if he loves you too. You are uncertain in your heart.

Interesting enough, your partner might be feeling the same way too, but he hasn't come out to tell you his heart.

I have listed for you 10 signs to know that he loves you. If you notice these signs, then he does love you.

Let's look at the signs:

1. He gives you attention.

He is a good listener. He gives you complete attention because he cares very much about you. He can easily off his phone or film to listen to you.

2. He's always thinking of you.

He shares with you how his day went. He tells you the different events that happened in his day that reminded him of you. Perhaps, it was a statement that somebody said, or a song that he heard, etc. These events reminded him of you.

3. He clears his schedule for you.

When you need his help, he makes himself available. He will adjust his schedule for you because he loves you to be happy. He doesn't complain. He enjoys helping you.

4. He knows when you are upset.

He knows when you are in your happiest mood, and when you are feeling down. He can read your expressions very well. Even when you try to hide them.

5. He values your advise.

You are the first person he calls when he's depressed, or troubled. He can count on you for good advise. He trusts you before anyone else. He knows when he talks to you, he'll be encouraged again, and his spirit will be lifted.

6. He supports your dreams.

He encourages you to pursue your goals, and dreams. He supports the plans you make, and will stand by your side. He can even compromise his own plans, so that you can achieve yours.

7. He doesn’t hold grudges

When the both of you argue, he doesn't stay angry at you. He puts away the misunderstanding, and forgets that it ever happened.

8. He's proud of you.

He has told his family and friends so much about you. They themselves are looking forward to meeting you.

9. He buys you gifts.

He loves to buy you gifts. Because he loves you, and pays attention to the things you need. He even buys you what you didn’t know you needed.

10. He helps you do your chores.

He helps you clear your chores without you asking. Even the tasks, which you were unable to complete, he easily gets them done for you.

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