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How To Use Pain And Pleasure To Your Advantage

One thing we can never live without while we are on Earth is PAIN and PLEASURE.This is deeply rooted in use and is the core of our beings.

PainPleasure Principle

"The PainPleasure Principle developed by Sigmund Freud suggests that people make choices to avoid or decrease pain or make choices to create or increase pleasure." It follows that the painpleasure principle is the core of all the decisions we make. We also need to understand that painpleasure principle is the motivating force that helps drive behavior, but it also wants instant satisfaction.

The beautiful thing about the painpleasure principle is that you can use it to your advantage and in every aspect your life. In trying to explain this Anthony Robbins had this to say "The secret of success is learning to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't life controls you." It is up to you to decide whether to control your life or let life control you. Whatever decision you take or choice you make is always in response to pain or pleasure.

We will consider three distinct aspects of life where the painpleasure principle can be applied to gain advantage for our lives:

1. In Achieving Desirable Change

Change is difficult but inevitable, and sometimes those changes are desirable. More often than not, we need motivation to be able to make meaningful changes in our lives. So, how do we accomplish this using the painpleasure principle? If you desire a particular change in your life simply associate pleasure to the change you desire, and pain to undesirable change. For instance, say you need to quit smoking, all you will do is to associate pain to smoking let your brain get the message that smoking is a painful experience to you. Perhaps you need to look at the side effects or health issues associated to smoking: lung cancer, blackened lungs, persistent cough, respiratory diseases, this will associate massive pain to smoking and before you know it, you start avoiding smoking. Also, associate pleasure to quiting smoking: healthy lungs, heathy body, not exposed to cancer and lung diseases. If you associate pleasure to quiting smoking you will definitely move towards quiting smoking because it gives you pleasure.

2. In Relationships

To cut off toxic relationships associate pain to those relationships and will always avoid those relationships. On the bother hand associate massive pleasure to avoiding those relationships ,you will move towards cutting off those relationships because that gives you pleasure. And you will move away from those relationships because keeping them give you pain.

3. In Achieving Set Goals

We know is important to set goals because they propel us to succeed

. But most times it is easy to pursue goals and achieve them. Even the painpleasure principle can be of tremendous advantage to us here. Associate massive pain to not achieving your goals and pleasure to achieving them. You will see that you run towards achieving your goals because that gives you pleasure, and you will avoid not achieving your goals because lack of achieving your goals gives you pain.

Pain and pleasure are gifts that our creator has wired into us to use for our advantage in the pursuit of destiny. How we use them determine whether we will be in control of our lives or not!

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