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5 Sweet & Romantic Things You Should Do To Your Woman In The Morning

1. Wake Them Up With A Breakfast: You need to learn how to be romantic and one way to be romantic is trying to prepare a breakfast in the morning for your woman. You can just prepare light things like a hot tea or coffee with few slices of bread, she'll definitely appreciate this when you wake her up with a breakfast.

2. Compliment How Beautiful She Looks In The Morning: It is a sweet thing to receive a compliment very early in the morning especially when it coming from her man. Tell her how beautiful she is, tell her sweet things that will brighten up her day.

3. Ask Her How Her Night Was After Waking Up: Apparently, this is one of the first thing a woman expects from you in the morning, because when you ask this, it makes her feel special and cared for, it will also make her feel thankful about having a man who cares about her well being.

4. Carry Them Out Of Bed: Women love to be treated and pampered like a baby who can't do things alone, though she can get up from the bed herself, but it will be a sweet and romantic thing if you carry them out of bed because doing this will make her smile and happy.

5. Wake Your Woman Up For Prayers: They say a couple that pray together will grow together. This is also one of the sweet things a couple can do together after waking up in the morning.

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