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Tips that can strengthen bond between couples

When in a relationship, try not to expect lavish blowouts from your partner. You entered into a relationship because of love, respect, and trust, not for expensive dinners and fancy pieces of jewelry. Learn to be happy with simple joys like spending quality time together, having dinner at home instead of in fancy hotels, going out for a walk while holding each other's hands, playing games, etc.

Learn to enjoy quiet time with your partner, that way you know each other better, and build a beautiful relationship together. It should be a RELATIONSHIP not a FUNDRAISING for your needs. Remember, the best things in life are mostly FREE. Lasting relationships are those that are founded on friendships. So yes, if you’re in a relationship, you can’t just be your partner’s muse; be the best friend, the person to trust, the partner in crime. After all, being in a relationship means you’re going to explore life together; and what better way to enjoy it than to enjoy it together?

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