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Husband and wife relationship

Relationship Goals: 7 rules of engagement every single lady needs to know to move from a miss to mrs

Relationship Goals: 7 rules of engagement every single lady needs to know to move from Miss to Mrs Right

Everyone wants to follow their beating heart strings and especially the over emphasized butterflies when it comes to their relationships and in the long run they discover it keeps them at the same spot, You can not keep doing the same things and expect a different result, Change your style, Use your head.

How can a man date you for over 7 years and has not popped the question and to crown it all he is not even scared to lose you because he feels he has you trapped?! These are 7 rules of engagement from a worthy relationship/marriage coach to not just attract but keep your Mr Right:

1) Make yourself visible: you cannot be seen by your "dream" Man by just sitting there and dreaming of him. You have to be seen to be favoured. Go out, go to where your dream Man likely goes to, do not live a hidden life. Go for conferences, dates, the shopping malls, restaurants etcetera.

2) Package yourself: you need to package yourself as a good product because you are a good product. Make yourself valuable and worth the prize. But no matter how good you look you will not be bought until you make yourself visible.

3) Be a different kind of girl: Do not spoil him with overload of affection, other ladies are probably doing that already. Men are hunters and they love challenges. Don't drool over him, be calm, confident and composed. Keep him intrigued.

4) Don't rush him, slow down: Don't be desperate, never bring up the marriage word, men run from such women rather seem less committed but responsible. Leave him wanting more of you, be busy don't always be available. Be nice, polite yet firm, let him be scared to lose you.

5) Never play wife before the wedding, you will delay your engagement: play hard to get but easy to live with. Do not go cooking, washing his clothes and cleaning his house. Do not wife or mummy him, but keep the hunter in him alive.

6) Introduce him to the people you Respect before you say yes: Let him know you have an authority over you, this will keep him on guard. And NEVER speak ill of your parents, guardians etcetera before him, this reduces your value and you may not know it.

7) Don't dump your life on him, he is not your therapist. Never say too much that you will regret. Stop telling him of your past messy relationship (s), your family ugly history etcetera, Don't look like a pity girl.

Girls that play by the rules do not put their life on a hold because of a man

A wise woman once said that there is a difference between groundnut left open for every touch and sold on trays around the streets and the groundnut bottled and displayed in a super market shelf. It's the same groundnut but different packaging and location increases the latter's value and worth. There's a kind of man you are praying for, then organize your self to attract and keep that man. Be the best and you will attract the best. Remember that every dream Man has a dream girl.

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