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6 Medical Conditions That Can Affect Your Intimate Life

Intimacy is enjoyable when both partners are healthy. Sickness tends to inflict pain and discomfort on the body, which in turn reduces the pleasure which is derived from the act. In this article, I will be showing you six medical conditions that can disrupt a person's intimate life.

1. Heart disease.

One common aftermath of cardiovascular disease is reduced pleasure during love making because defective circulation decreases the amount of blood that travels to the private part, thus causing erectile difficulties in males. A person who is diagnosed with heart disease usually has to undergo some changes in nutrition and dietary habit, which has a lot of effects on the body.

2. Cancer.

Cancer is a very dangerous disease, and it's known to affect all areas of a person's life, including intimacy. A cancer patient who underwent surgery may find it hard to indulge in intimacy because of pain, which has negative effects on intimacy urge.

3. Chronic pain.

Truly, you can't be thinking about love making when you feel pain all over your body. Pain usually results in discomfort, and a man who feels pain all around his body may find it difficult to maintain an erection, likewise women who may experience reduced urge. Intimacy becomes close to impossible when a person is suffering from chronic pain.

4. Diabetes.

High blood sugar tends to affect the nerves and blood vessels as time goes, thus reducing the flow of blood to the genitals. When this happens, a man may experience poor erection, while women on the other hand may have low urge and troubles in reaching orgasms.


The body's ability to produce hormones like testosterone and estrogen gets affected when a person has HIV. This depletion in hormone could lead to intimacy problems, which include low urge and desire to indulge in the act. However, it's advisable for HIV patients to mate with a fellow carrier to avoid spreading the disease.

6. Depression.

What happens to the mind also happens to the body. Someone who is depressed finds it hard to think about intimacy, less indulge in it. The best thing to do when you are depressed is to visit a therapist to get counseled because it helps to improve your mood and urge among others.

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Source: webmd.

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