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7 Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore

Communication id very key in every relationship. But when a relationship is about to break it start from communication cut. Before hr actually say I am not interested, know this 7 Signs and get prepared.

1. He’s Not Interested in You

At the beginning of the relationship he was keener on knowing about your life and what was happening than anything else. He compliment your new hair, notice you aren't happy, want to Know what happened at work today.

Suddenly, the interest regarding you is less and scooting towards a routine questionnaire and not a genuine intrigue that drives him. This is the first sign that tells you he needs a break from you.

2. He Doesn’t Talk as Much

I’m sure you and your partner are used to talking for hours on end, even about the most random conversations.

But suddenly that’s stopped. Suddenly he barely ever responds to your texts, or sends a one word answer. He never calls, and he seems incredibly distant when the two of you talk face to face.

3. He’s Busy All the Time

His schedule hasn’t changed, but suddenly he doesn’t have time to see you? Something doesn’t seem right and you know it. Somehow he’s convinced you (somewhat) that this is the norm for you guys.

This may be because he doesn’t want to make time. He probably feel you are burdening him.

4. He Starts A Lot of Arguments

In every relationship, partners argue but when he raised issue over every little thing, it might be a strategy to tell you he want to cut it quit. One day he is going to tell you "I can't cope with this anymore; let's Breakup.

3. The little thing” Don’t Occur Anymore

Whether you have been dating a month, a year, or 38 years, the little things are important in a relationship. They are the things that make your partner feel extra special and show them how much you care about them.

If your guy does those little things and over time you noticed it stop it is time to exercise caution.

2. He wants alone time

We know everyone seems quite busy but as individuals we have time when we are less busy. If you man suddenly want to stay alone without disturbance, he is ready to leave.

1. His Phone is His Best Friend

He quietly drift into pressing his phone while you guys are today shows he want you to leave. If you are talking with someone and suddenly he picked a call without acknowledging you and talk for 15 minutes! How will you feel?

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