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4 Reasons Ladies Will Continue To Reject You Even If They Love You.

Most men get surprised when they get rejected from ladies and even from the one who once loved them, and up till now they don't know what they did wrong or the reason why she acted that way. I will be showing you some quality you will have as a man that will make ladies keep rejecting you. 

1. You're so stingy. 

As a man always go for the lady in your own class, because in life everyone has a class or level he or she belongs to, so as a man always go for a lady in your class, so you will be able to take good care of her with the little you have, once you are a stingy man who woman will like to stay with you because you find it difficult to take care of yourself talk more of to take care of her. So as a man, once you are that stingy type, you will notice that women will stay far away from you. 

2. If you broke. 

Don't become a lazy man, always walk out to look for things to do, so you can be getting paid, no woman will like to stay with a man who is broke and this is one of the reasons you will keep facing rejection, you know that woman love fashion and designs so as a broke man you can afford it she will leave you and go to someone who can get it for her, always work hard and never forget to pray. 

3. You quickly forget things. 

Nothing pains a woman more then, her man keep forgetting things you both talked about, so as a man if you easily forget things your woman will leave you and when others outside finds out you will keep facing rejection from every lady you meet out there, only thing you have to do at that moment is to talk to God in prayers, so he can make you changed person. 

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