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See why people are seriously reacting to what these women did in this picture

Why will this women behave like this? See why people are reacting angrily to this picture.

There are some things you will see that will make you agree with this popular words "Life is not fair". What someone will be praying for day and night to get, another person will just get it easily and will not know the value or worth of what he or she gets. 

This picture of these women caused many people to react angrily. From the picture you could see where they put their baby. The worst is the first woman. She did not care the condition of the baby, if the baby is safe or not. Can't they carry their baby at their backs? 

To me this is bad for a mother to act the way these two women acted. Children that many women are longing for, is what these ones are putting in a harms way. 

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