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Four essential things a good guy does for his woman.

Any mature woman will tell you that the man who gives her more fulfillment and satisfaction will be rewarded with her love and support.

He recognizes that possessing the qualities that his woman finds attractive is insufficient, so he is constantly working on cultivating the type of relationship that his woman desires.

He excels at certain essential tasks because he understands that his actions express how he feels about her.

I'm getting close to the end of my thirties. For quite a while, I dabbled in the dating world, and I also observed my friends' relationships. These are high-quality good guys, and the list of things they do for their women is extensive.

The Best Way to Show Her How Much You Appreciate Her Body

So what's the point? Sex is important. It is critical to maintain a romantic relationship.

At the start of a relationship, men set their women on fire in the bedroom. There were screams and moans all around us, as well as scorching heat. Sex dynamics, on the other hand, change as the relationship ages. The passion fades away, and sex is reduced to a checkbox item.

Of course, age and libido play a role in physical intimacy.

A good man, on the other hand, knows how to keep the flame burning for as long as possible. Sure, he's not as hot as he used to be, but he never stops pleasing his lady. Even if she doesn't express it, he knows his woman wants a certain level of intimacy. He looks into her eyes and explores her body as she enjoys deep sensual love-making.

A marriage counselor was overheard saying,

Every woman's sexual requirements are unique. It is your responsibility to determine what she likes, how she likes it, and how frequently she likes it. Just because your ex-girlfriend preferred whispers to her ears as she climaxed doesn't mean this is what every woman wants.

Creating sexual magic is obviously a collective effort, but a woman appreciates a man who takes the initiative in determining how to best satisfy her. When you do it her way rather than your way, as most men do, it shows that you value her and her body.

Recognize Her in Public

My ex-girlfriend once told me a story about her ex-boyfriend who never introduced her to his friends. So it took some time for her to realize the truth:

She said, When she met her hubby, who now brags about his beautiful wife to anyone who will listen, this heinous truth became clear to her. There's a certain type of guy who expresses his love for his woman only in the privacy of their home. He never brings her to work activities or outdoor events with his friends.

How many photos of her does he have on his social media accounts?

Social media is fleeting, but there's something to be said for a man whose woman is nowhere to be found on his social media profile. A study found that discussing our relationships on social media actually protects them. People who write about their relationships on social media say they feel closer to their partners than those who don't.

It may not be an accurate reflection of your feelings for her, but it does signal exclusivity in the relationship and can instill feelings of security and confidence. When you publicly acknowledge your woman, you are saying, "She has a place in my life."

Take Care of What Is Important—and Do It Without Being Asked.

My friend recently decided, at the last minute, to throw his wife a surprise birthday party. When I received the WhatsApp message, I took a deep breath. I'm not a fan of last-minute rushing.

"Couldn't you have planned this sooner?" But that was quickly replaced by something else: "Okay, Steve may not have a particularly sharp romantic edge, but he's a good husband and father." His children are well taken care of. He pays his mortgage and treats her like she's a queen. "

Steve isn't as romantic as some other people around him, but he takes care of the necessities. Consider insurance, school fees, medical care, and mortgage payments. To be clear, it isn't just about the money. The modern woman has more financial power than she has ever had.

Women are now the primary or sole source of income in 40% of households, compared to 11% in 1960. As a result, their attention is shifting away from material possessions and moving towards men who can provide them with security and stability.

If you take care of the necessities, your lady will adore you.

Let me let you in on a little secret: do it without being asked or reminded. And look at the expression on her face.

Pay attention to your health.

Last week, I ran into a guy I'd seen several times on my morning runs. His lady was sitting in the far corner. She was half-smiling and gazing adoringly at her man. I don't know much about him, but I'm sure he's a healthy dude, so it's no surprise that he has a good relationship.

This is obviously not the only factor that contributes to a happy marriage. Still, it is significant because how you feel on a personal level has a significant impact on how you present yourself in your relationship. If you're constantly tired, you won't be able to show up for your woman, which will have an impact on how she feels about you and treats you.

To replenish his inner reserves, a quality man makes time for exercise, books, meditation, and hobbies.

According to a female friend, such men are extremely attractive. She said that we appreciate it when you take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually because it allows you to be present for us. They like how it makes you feel better because it keeps things interesting in their relationships.

I've seen my guys grow into fantastic lovers. I can tell you firsthand that if you are willing to work on yourself, you can become this type of man. The good news is that it is always profitable.

It not only strengthens your relationships, but it also alters your personality. Keep in mind that every step you take to improve your relationship brings you one step closer to becoming a more refined man.

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