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4 Things Women Hate That Are Displayed By Most Men During Intimate Activity

The bottom line of every relationship between couples is engaging in intimate activity. However, this must be carried out with knowledge of basic things that spice up intimacy. Most men are ignorant of these basic things and end up making their love lives boring and unenjoyable to their women.

Here are the four things women hate that most men display during intimate activity:

1. Skipping of foreplay: Skipping of foreplay during intimacy is like skipping primary school and then jumping into higher institution. This will make learning difficult and uninteresting. The same goes for intimate activity. Women love men who have vast knowledge in the art of foreplay. Foreplay are those little things that arouses a woman and puts her in the mood for lovemaking. Delving into the main act without foreplay makes it boring and uninteresting to most women.

2. Lack of communication: During intimacy, most men become literally deaf and dumb. They are unable to communicate with their partners. Communication is key in any relationship, within and outside the bedroom. Women love to be talked to before, during and after every intimate act. Asking your woman what and how she wants it makes her feel respected and appreciated.

3. Selfishness: Most men display selfish act after intimate activity with their partners. They do not assist their partners to clean up, take a shower and even help them dress up after the act. This show of selfishness is hated by most women because it makes them feel used and abandoned.

4. Poor hygiene: Most men are too tired to take a bath after intimate activity. They immediately fall asleep without putting into consideration the effect of poor hygiene on themselves and their partners. This show of uncleanness is frowned at by most women.

Remember, ignorance is not an excuse. So, be aware of these four things that you constantly and unconsciously display during intimate activity which are hated by most women.

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