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Reason why young adults should stop following hot ladies on Instagram.

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2 months ago

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We've all done it, you see a random photo of a beautiful girl on instagram, you decide to follow her. Suddenly you get recommended another profile - wow she's stunning! Another follow... and another

Now for the next 6-12 months every time you open instagram, you see her photos... Give it a like, maybe follow a few more.

This is so harmless right?

I don't think so. Here's why men should unfollow every single random "instagram model."


The two most important things in life is how you spend your time and what you give your attention to. Attention is very limited & people seem to forget that when you give something attention you're inversely denying attention from other things. You can't look at the sky & the ground at the same time.

Following women on instagram you will never meet, never learn anything from, won't inspire you to do anything is a big fat waste of your time.

It's also pretty cringe when you think about it - you're a fucking grown man and you're spending your time gawking at women on the internet. Grow up.

Would you go to a restaurant and stare at food when you're hungry?


Most of these girls not only use massive filters, but even use apps that literally warp the shape of their body & face. The images they are showing are not even *remotely* close to the reality.

This phenomenon is so common there's an entire subreddit dedicated to documenting it. Spend a few hours on here and see what i'm talking about.

I've even met girls who did this right in front of me! One girl warped her stomach to look smaller, made her legs smaller, slapped on a filter - it was insane.


When you spend so much time looking at fake & filtered Instagram women, you end up comparing girls in your life with them. You scroll through the profile of that girl you met last week, then scroll down to "random hot girl" and it just is impossible not to compare them.

It's a natural human tendency to compare. We compare ourselves to others, and we compare what we have to others. As men, it's impossible not to compare women to each other, or compare what women we've dated with our friends. When you spend a lot of time following women who's beauty is impossible to actually have in real life due to filters & body warping apps, it's going to make us falsey think the women in our life are not as beautiful as they really are.

Also this probably won't apply to most guys, but me personally - if I see a girl who's really attractive to me and I don't make some kind of effort to meet her, I get this anxiety about it. It's this unsettling feeling of not trying. This same thing happens if I see a girl I want to meet in real life & don't approach - this dark feeling hits the pit of my stomach knowing I did not at least try.

Overall I think men don't think of the small effects following dozens of impossibly beautiful women has on their mental health because most guys do it.


Your mind is like a garden, and the way you feed that garden is by what you give your attention to. Your mood, feelings, thoughts & attitudes can be shaped by what we consume on social media.

If you spent all day watching animal cruelty videos, you'll likely to be in a different mood than if you spent all day watching inspirational lectures.

Instagram is something some of us open multiple times a day, we give it our attention so why not make an effort to follow profiles which inspire us, teach us something or motivate us?

If you're into photography, follow photographers, or artists, or camera tips profiles.

If you want to be successful in real estate, follow some real estate personalities, or business people.

If you someday want to travel, follow digital nomads, travel bloggers, or pages dedicated to beautiful travel photography.

Following CherryLala99 with the 700cc fake tits who went to Dubai last week teaches you nothing. She doesn't inspire you to achieve anything. She just posts cute highly filtered photos of herself in the mirror.


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