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See the 4 reasons guys cheat on their wives;The last one will amaze you!

Marriage is sacred which be filled with devotion and loyalty but nowadays it is filled with deceit and cheating.

Here are reason why guys cheat on their wives after marriage

1.They are not getting enough Care from their wives

Some woman don't know how to show love and compassion to their husband,some can't do without nagging and when their husbands bring upon them troubling issues,they merely compound it without finding solutions to them

2.Getting married to a promiscuous husband

You know your husband is not faithful before marriage but you still choose to marry him,why complain after marriage about how his cheating attitude?

3.Not dressing well to Attract him

Some woman Don't know how to dress to please their Husband and if such husband see someone who can do that outside he would surely follow such fellow.

4.Some men are covetous and they don't know what they want.

Been satisfied with whatever you have is a sign of high esteemed fellow,some lack this and no matter how decent,responsible and fashionable their wives are,they would still cheat

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