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Why You Should Stop Watching Indecent Movies As Advised By Relationship Expert Blessing CEO

Watching Indecent movies has a lot of influence on the mindset of so many people, especially the ones who are in a relationship, and the Nigeria and Instagram celebrity, Blessing has something to say about watching raw movies.

Photo credit: Instagram - Blessing CEO

The Nigeria celebrity, and relationship expert, Blessing CEO while speaking in a video, said it is not good to keep watching Indecent movies, and she also gave reasons why you should stop watching such movies.

Photo credit: Instagram - Blessing CEO

In her words, she said indecent movies are not healthy, and watching it wouldn't do anything important to your body, and soul I know it can look impossible to quit watching such movies, and at the same time it is possible to quit.

Photo credit: Instagram - Blessing CEO

Here are the reasons why you should stop watching indecent movies, It will never give you the deep meanings behind intimacy with your partner. Also, it will teach you how to form images and also build up imaginations, and unrealistic expectations from your partner, which you will finally get disappointed because your partners won't be able to grant your wish.

Photo credit: Instagram - Blessing CEO

She ended by saying there are so many other ways to learn about intimacy with your partner than watching indecent movies.

Blessing CEO is a relationship expert who is also an active Instagram user, who's account is filled different advices for a successful relationship which has benefited a lot of people.

Photo credit: Instagram - Blessing CEO

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