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You have to obey these laws of nature to live a fulfilling life.

There are various laws that guide the course of human life, you might not know all of them but I will list some of the basic ones that can affect our lives positively or negatively.

The laws include;

1.Law of Emotion:

This law states that," Whichever emotion you dwell upon will grow,just as fire would if you put more fuel on it":you have to dwell upon the right emotions to get the best out of life.

2.Law of Concentration

This law states that,Whatever you dwell upon will grow and expand in your life.

3.The law of Excluded Alternative.

This law states clearly that,"Doing one thing doesn't mean not doing something else"....make sure whatever you are doing at the moment is the most important thing you should be doing.

Then the greatest of all the rules;

The Golden Rule

this law states that"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you":for instance,you cannot expect someone to be nice to you when you have always been wicked to him/her.

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Golden Rule


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