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This Is Wickedness And Not Love - Read Comments After This Picture Surfaced Online

Becoming a mother means taken up new tasks. Tasks that you might not have carried out before you got married and eventually gave birth.

Mothers are caring, loving and most time are the most busy of the partners in the home. She takes care of the kids, she cook for the family and ensure that the home is always clean and tidy at all time.

Before any woman should think of getting married, she should have been able to ask herself if she is ready to take in the tasks that come alongside motherhood.

Becoming a mother is different from becoming a wife. Before you give birth, you only have to care for yourself and your husband but the very moment a child comes in, you have more than just your husband to care for. You have the kids to care for as well.

Motherhood can be very much stressful though, I have a mother with a two years old daughter in my neighborhood and I know the kind of pressure she feels whenever she is taking care of her.

Imagine cooking and the little kid is crying from the room. Every caring mother would have no other option but to ensure that the baby stops crying even if it means pending the cooking. That is the true meaning of motherhood.

A particular picture of a mother cooking have surfaced in the internet. In the picture, the child was seen tied to a pillow by the side of the kitchen. See pictures below.

However, a lot of persons have commented with some in support of her actions while others were against her. See the comments below

What do you think? Was she right to do that or she is wrong. Drop your answers in the comment session below

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