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5 Things Women Hate Men To Do To Them

To maintain a healthy relationship with women, you need to know the things that they hate but don't talk about. To avoid women's dramas and avoid unnecessary fights with them, you need to know things that can make them get on their nerves so that you can avoid those things. 

Your woman might not tell you these things that she hates because she doesn't want you to see her as someone who is demanding and as a problematic woman. Also, she wouldn't want to start listing things you should do and not do for her. As a man, you should be aware of those things women hate and avoid doing them. 

In this article, I will be showing you 5 things women hate but won't tell you. 

1. They hate it when you take them for granted.

One of the things women hate but won't tell you is when you take them for granted. As a man, if you hurt a woman's feelings, you don't give her the chance to express herself and opinions, you are taking advantage of her. 

As a man, you should start treating women equally and start giving them the chance to express their opinions and thoughts if you don't want to get on their nerves. 

2. They hate it when you flirt with many women.

As a man, you should know your limit with other women if you don't want your woman to get the wrong idea. Women hate it when a man flirts with many women and they will hardly take you seriously if you have this habit. To avoid annoying your woman, you should stop flirting with women and know how to control yourself with women.

3. They hate it when you compare them with other women.

Women genuinely hate it when you compare them with another woman and it makes them feel bad. You comparing your woman to another woman means you are not satisfied with her and she's not doing enough. 

As a man, you shouldn't compare your woman no matter what, instead, you should help and encourage her to become a better version of herself.

4. They hate it when you keep secrets from them. 

Keeping secrets from your woman shows you don't trust her enough and that will hurt her feelings. As a man, you can't be in a relationship and still be secretive, at least, not to your woman. 

5. They hate it when you cheat on them. 

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