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3 Signs To Know That Your Partner Is Addicted To You

Have you ever met someone who seemed to be full of life and love until you realized they were a long distance away? This could be related to the emotions he's going through and how he's dealing with them. Here are a few signs he's madly in love with you.

1. He's annoyed because he notices other men trying to pique your interest.

When a man is envious of you, he will go about his business as if seeing several men hit on you had no impact on him. Focus on what makes you happy or what you enjoy doing, he'll tell you. This shows that the person likes you but is undecided about the extent of their feelings for you. Your lover is madly in love with you if he becomes upset because he sees other men vying for your attention.

2. You notice he's staring at you, but he doesn't say anything. He will swiftly divert his glance to the opposite side if you catch him staring at you. Despite the fact that he's been staring at you at a few events, he may be cautious to engage in conversation with you. This means he cares strongly about you and is merely waiting for the right opportunity to approach you and express his thoughts.

3. He keeps talking about how badly he's been treated recently, as if he's afraid you'll do the same to him. He'll do everything he can to avoid getting into another one of these predicaments. He'll be worried while you're with him because he thinks about you all the time and is afraid that he'll say or do something that will end the relationship. The fact that he doesn't need to return to such feelings (bad feelings) indicates that he truly loves you.

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