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Reactions Pour In As Married Man Confess To Spending 15 - 20% Of His Monthly Salary On Condom

Most married men these days find it enjoyable flirting with different ladies of different shapes and sizes, some do have them as sidechicks while others keep them as sexmate.

The continued increased in infidelity between married couples these days has become a growing trend where couples ignore the sacredness of the oath taken when getting married. Basically cheating comes in diverse forms and when not controlled it becomes an addiction which only self-counseling can help.

Looking at the consistent complaints coming from both single and married ladies alike especially on different social media platforms it is right to say that cheating and infidelity has eaten deep into the fabrics of our society today. Women are not left out of this...

A married man who felt it was time to hang his boots from cheating on his wife took to his Twitter handle @aklemz_o to make an open confession about his multiple partners, and he revealed spenidng 15 - 20% of his monthly income on condoms.

Shocked by his confession other Twitter faithfuls came out surprised and questioning him as to how his wife tolerates his philandering escapades..

Alarmed with what he said other Twitter users reacted rather surprisingly to what he said and what one other lady advised him to keep one or two sidechicks..

It is understandable that he never got the chance to live a wild life while in school, this is what most married men and women are going through. They lost out in the fun while growing up or while at school but one should know that keeping multiple partners can hinder one from progress and maybe contract the dreaded HIV.

What's your take on this??

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