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Guys, 4 Simple Ways To Identify Fake Love In A Relationship

Sometimes a lot of guys fall in love with the wrong girlfriends that don't love them truly. Most girls pretend to love a guy just because he is wealthy. When a girl starts pretending to love you because of your money it is called "Fake Love", and it shouldn't be encouraged. When you can distinguish pure love from false love, it will give you wisdom on building a long-lasting relationship and avoiding toxic ones.

Here are the 4 simple ways to identify fake love in a relationship.

1. She isn't interested in your life. A girl who truly loves you will be curious about you, passionate about you, and care enough to get to know you. She will be interested in your life, and your well-being, but a girl who is pretending to love you won't ask you about your interest, passions, or goals. She is not curious about your thoughts and feelings, and she doesn’t make any effort to get to know you better. She will put zero effort into having fruitful talks with you.

If you notice that she is uninterested in your life, it is a sign that shows she doesn't love you truly, she is only faking her love for you because of what you have.

2. When she always demands money, and she isn't helpful. The girl will always be annoyed with you whenever you insist that you won't give her money, or you don't have money to give her. She will never give you positive advice, or solutions to certain issues. She might even tell you lies just to collect money from you.

A girl who truly loves you won't be demanding money every time because she knows that you need to save, and invest money for the future. She will always give you good advice, and be helpful to you.

3. She is hiding you from her friends, and family. A girl who is serious about you will want to make you a part of her life, and will always introduce you to her friends, and family. When a girl is pretending to love you, she will also hide you from her close friends, and family. She won't want you to meet with them because she isn't committed to you.

4. She ignores you during tough times. Another sign of fake love from a girl is when she chooses to ignore you during times of crisis. During your downer days or difficult phase, she will never be there to encourage you or be with you. She will ignore you, and will only come back when things are better.

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