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Step by step instructions to know a woman ready for marriage.

Step by step instructions to know a woman ready to marry

 1) God dreads.

 God dreading is important. Remember that the Bible says that THE FEAR OF GOD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM.

 How would you know if she feared God?

 Basically, she dreads God if her way of life is as indicated by God's standards.

 I. She will flee sexual intercourse or early feelings.

 Joseph feared God and considered sex or precocious feeling as an extraordinary evil against God and fled.

 II. The way she treats people. In case she threatens and does not think of her loved ones, be certain that she does not fear God.

 III. His commitment to the things of God. In case she does not take deep exercises like an authentic Bible study, supplication and fasting, then she

 do not fear God.

 2) She should be accommodating.

 My brother, don't marry her on the chance that she will submit and consider you when you receive her blessing or give her money. The second you run out of money, she absolutely turns into another person. Dear brother, you cannot handle the torment in case you do this marriage. Let her change before advising her "really, I do it". She should be constantly accommodating.

 3) She should be under greater post authority.

 She also needs to have someone who is higher or deeper, intellectually and truly. Let her take one before heading to the raised area.

 4) She should be a pious lady.

 The demand doesn't have to be uneven, you both have to be godly. Marriage is hard work, many problems will arise, it will be terrible if these difficulties govern your marriage.

 How about knowing how to crave an intense petition.

 5) She must be accommodating and accommodating.

 Try not to marry this sister this lonely consideration on herself, in case she does not change

 You brought her 5 donuts, she ate 4, before asking if you will eat. My brother, this is a perilous sign.

 In case she doesn't change before marrying her, don't be shocked that your mom stays with you and doesn't give her normal water. I'm not kidding, it will be terrible like that. Obviously, she will pardon you. Model, "Dear, the water remains two jugs and there is nothing we will drink after eating. I try to call these water suppliers but they said their vehicle was defective".

 Is it safe to say that you see the result of vanity? Marriage can be dangerous.

 I wonder how you are going to give the poor and sow seeds if you have this kind of spouse.

 6) She must be attentive.

 Brother, you can't take care of the huge number of tabs. Wed someone who can help you with certain things in the house. She should be your helpmate.

 This second, you understand that she never bought anything for you, not even a sachet of water. It gathers continuously. There is a difficult moment.

 7) She shouldn't answer everything.

 Brother and sister, you need true feelings of serenity. Try not to marry the difficulty. I repeat, darling, you can't bear the agony.

 8) She must be experienced enough to give you time or space.

 Men are unique compared to women. Men don't care about a lot of tenacity. I know, you need space to think or do what you love to do.

 My brother or my sister, it would be ideal that you let her know, that you advise her in a kind and conscious manner, in case she does not give you time.

 She may not know it because we women are used to going here and there with our companions. One of us has to use the bathroom, we will all follow it. We have been used to this way of life since elementary school and we did not perceive any serious problem.

 9) She should have the opportunity to concede her confusion in light of the fact that you cannot always be correct.

 Loved is another critical point. Likewise, people should not be right in all cases, just as women should not be right in all cases.

 In the event that "I am afflicted" is difficult for her to say. My brother, there is fire on the mountain.

 10) She should be strong.

 Wed someone who is happy to go miles because of you.

 In the event that the main thing to which it is acceptable is to discourage you. Think before you marry her.

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