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If you have used any of these things then you are an adult not a child anymore.

There are things that were produced in the last two decades and children that are giving birth to from 2000 till date may not know them.

Most of those things are now outdated and can only be recognized by the people that are above 20 years of age.

Children of nowadays don't know most of these things. If you know these things then you are and adult now not a child anymore. Refreshing back memories with these beautiful photos will make your day when you begin to remember how you used them a d the joy and fun you get from using them with friends and people around.

These are some of the things used in the 1980s and 1990s to play, make life easy and some as food that are no longer in existence because of new inventions and changes in technology.

These things were so good and beautiful then and they can last long. If you used them then you must have lived for more than two decades. Children that are born these days may not even know most of these things.

Every decade come with new inventions used by the presend people. However, if you don't move up with the presend changes in technological trend then you will be living like an ancient person among people.

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