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Reno Omokri Dishes Advice To Men Who Are intending To Get Married

Marriage is a legal union between two people in love. Marriage brings two have families together who in turn share everlasting relationships together. Even after divorce,due to children bored into the marriage, the bonds created cannot be broken. It always remains steadfast no matter what happens.

Reno Omokri decided to give advice to couples about marriage. According to Reno Omokri, money shouldn't be the basis of love existing between couples. He added by saying that when you fall in love and believe you want to tie the knot, then you should go out and worked hard to acquire money.

Furthermore, Reno Omokri shed more light on his claims. He explained that if the man refused to work hard to acquire money before marriage, then it was better to postponed the marriage. Reno Omokri added by saying that the man should forget the marriage and focused on building himself.

Indeed Reno Omokri has his own reasons for thinking that way. A man is the sole provider for a woman in our African society. The man is considered the bread winner of the home. He is supposed to provide for his family.

If a man is not having the financial power, it can cause a lot of misunderstandings in a home. This is because if the woman isn't working, feeding, clothing and having a shelter becomes very hard for the woman. Some women go extra miles by requesting from their parents assist in feeding their family.

Some parents would gladly accept to offer financial assistance to their children. Others will oblige and demand that the man steps up to the plate and provide for his family.

I hope that men intending to marry would look for a good job or business that can bring in money for the upkeep of their families. But if the man is not in that position, he should focus on building his profession or skills. See original post below.

Mixed reactions had trailed Reno Omokri's post. Some praised him for his wisdom. Others believed he is talking too much about women. See their reactions below.

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