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4 Ways To Be The Type Of Girl A Guy Can't Do Without

We all have limits and flaws. No one is perfect. The important thing is to recognize these limits and flaws in time enough to avoid some of life's challenges. It's one thing to have a boyfriend to yourself and another thing entirely to keep him constantly infatuated by you. Here are 4 ways to be the girlfriend he cannot do without.

1. Be independent

An independent girl depends on no one. A person who is capable of taking care of her own needs. Every man values an independent girl. They are less clingy, less dramatic, and less demanding. Don't be a liability to anyone, find your means and you would have his attention always. Do not however allow it to get into your head. Remember respect is reciprocal. When someone respects you, the least you can do is respect them regardless of whether or not you depend on them.

2. Be supportive

Every man with big dreams and aspirations needs the presence of a supportive woman in his life. Someone who would always stand by him in good and bad times. Someone to make him happy and cheer him up whenever he's down. Someone whose love and affection don't come with any form of conditions. Being supportive isn't just about always being ready to make love whenever he wants it. Support his dreams and aspirations too.

3. Be fun

Life and all the hustle and bustle involved in making a living is hard enough. Be the reason why he doesn't always have to go to a bar to unwind at weekends. Make fun jokes, laugh when you should, suggest interesting topics to talk about. Don't be a sadist around him. Understandably, you are a woman and you also deserve some caring' as well but don't always let everything be all about you.

4. Be smart

Everyone craves to have a smart partner. Being smart is probably the most sought-after quality in girls. At least for a committed relationship. Be the kind of girlfriend who doesn't wait to be told about everything. Read the situation well. Even if he doesn't tell you he's in a bad mood, connect the dots. Give him good advice, ensures he only takes intelligent risks. These are just some secrets to being the girlfriend he cannot do without.

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