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4 Foods You Should Not Eat Before Having Intimacy

Do you know that certain foods can disrupt your intimacy process when you consume them? Just as certain foods can heighten your sensuality, other foods should be avoided before physical contact since they can either destroy the mood or reduce the lust. As a result, it is important to avoid these mood-killing meals before intimacy. 

Some of them include; 

1. Oatmeal.

Excessive consumption of oatmeal can result in indigestion or bloating, which is never a good thing while attempting to impress someone in bed. Also, oatmeal might impede your desire to have intimacy, leaving you feeling unconcerned, no matter how romantic your date has been. Don't consume it before intimacy. 

2. Popcorn.

So many people consume popcorn before Intimacy but do not know the side effect it has on the body. Microwaveable popcorn bags are covered with the same chemicals as non-stick cookware. However, it has been found that these substances stimulate men's testosterone levels to drop and their sperm count to fall as a result. If you have the intention of intimacy in mind, don't consume popcorn. 

3. Energy drinks and carbonated beverages.

Consuming energy drinks before intimacy is a bad idea. If you don't want to be belching your way to the end of the night, avoid it. Avoid caffeinated energy drinks as well because they may make you feel energised during your date, but you'll most likely be weary later. You'll be fast asleep in your lover's arms before you know it.

4. After-meal fruits.

As soon as you consume food, the fruit digestion process is slowed, which causes it to ferment in your stomach, creating heartburn as well as gas and indigestion. Don't eat those chocolate-covered strawberries after dinner, no matter how romantic the thought of eating them sounds. Avoid doing this even if you are tempted to do this. 

Everyone should adhere to the tips of this article. 

Content created and supplied by: HealthArena (via Opera News )



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