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"Your Boyfriend Is Not Responsible For Your Bills, Stop Calling Him Broke,"- Lady Says

The rate at which many ladies expect their boyfriends to provide everything for them is very annoying. They expect their men to pay their bills and do every necessary financial assistance for them to the extent that they don't even have to get a job and earn their own money. Men who cannot provide this for their girlfriends are often called a lot of names and ridiculed.

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A lady identified as Luthando has stated that boyfriends are not responsible for the payment of bills. She further advised that ladies should stop calling men broke and all sort of names just because they can't afford their bills.

This caused a lot of reactions on social media and below are some of them:

The advice the lady gave seems very important because some ladies have taken it as a habit to ridicule men because of their financial status. The economy is not favorable for many people and men have to hustle very hard to get the little they get so they should not be called names because of this. Instead, they should be encouraged.

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