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Divorce Affair

2 Ways Married Men Commit Adultery Which Can Be Avoided

It is the joy of every married woman to wake up every day of her life with the realization that, the man whom she chose to marry amidst other men(far and near, known and recommended) who were on her neck for marriage is faithful to her and her alone in her marriage. Some married ladies are having that joyous experience in their marriages, but for others, such experience is nothing but a mere illusion.

Although cheating is not a gender thing, for some unidentified and societally defined reasons, men have been seen by many as creatures whose cheating ability is tied to nature; that is, when men cheat, they are not doing anything wrong but only submitting to the nature of cheating that they were born with. To those people with that school of thought, women should not see anything wrong in the cheating lifestyle of their husbands, because it is something they cannot overcome, since nature mostly have power over nurture.

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Be that as it may, one of the most talked about issues as far as marriage is concerned is that of adultery among some men. The prevalence of cheating amongst most married men have birthed questions as, "Why will a man cheat on the wife he claim to love?" , "What is in the body of the female he cheats with that cannot be found in the body of the wife?" The truth however is, no one can provide concrete answers to those questions except the men in question.

Regardless of what prompt most men into the action of cheating, there are 2 ways men commit adultery in their marriages. They include:

1. Through having an affair with another female who is not their wife.

When a married man have a carnal knowledge of another female aside his legally married wife, such a man is said to have committed adultery. Adultery is one of the reasons why some marriages experience untimely death. Aside the physical end of marriage, it can also kill the vibe and emotions of the one cheated on.

To avoid infidelity on this medium of adultery, every married man needs to be committed to his wife and wife alone. If for any reason the lovemaking expectations from your wife are not coming as expected, express your worry to her. I am sure she will be willing to learn and improve, so as to meet up.

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2. Through marrying a divorced woman whose estranged husband is still alive.

As funny as this may sound to some persons, according to the Bible in the Book of Luke 16:18, any man who marries a divorced lady has committed adultery. In other words, as far as the husband of the woman is still alive, she is still tied to him. The only exception is when the husband is dead. A man should only marry a divorced woman on the account of the death of the husband, otherwise, he has committed adultery.

"A wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives. But if her husband dies, she is free to be married to whom she wishes" --1 Corinthians 7:39.

Come to think of it. Do you believe that cheating is in the nature of men as some people have believed? Let your opinion known in the comment box.

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