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Effects Of Having Too Much S€x To Your Body

Mayo Clinic warns about the potential negative effects of excessive intimacy with your partner. While intimacy can strengthen your relationship and offer health benefits, overdoing it can have detrimental effects. Here are the five negative effects to be aware of:

1. Women may experience inflammation.

Women may suffer from vulva skin injury due to excessive intimacy, leading to excoriation, pain during urination, and swelling of the genital area.

2. Lower back pain.

Too much intimacy can cause stress on the lower back, leading to pain. Ignoring this problem could result in serious complications.

3. Addiction.

According to healthline Spending too much time in intimacy can result in addiction, which can damage the relationship. The obsession with intimacy can cause one to ignore their partner's wishes to avoid closeness.

4. Increased risk of infection.

Frequent intimacy with multiple partners can increase the risk of urinary tract infections in women.

5. Sores.

Men who engage in excessive intimacy may develop sores in their genital area, causing discomfort and pain.

It is important to discuss with your partner how often you should engage in intimacy to avoid these negative effects. Remember, moderation is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

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