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3 Things Could Be Link To What Harry Song Said That Men Should Not Marry Social Media Addicted Women

Recently, the Nigerian musician, songwriter, and music producer, Harry Song, shared a statement on the internet which is now what most Nigerians are talking about. 

The Nigerian talented artist who announced recently that he has suspended any plans to get married for a reason that is best known to him has come online to advise men that they should never marry a woman who is a social media addict. 

According to him, he made the statement due to his experience in the past, because he once had a failed marriage in the past and still resolved to pursue another marriage that he once declared would hold.  

However, some points are attached to the statement that the actor made. I will pinpoint only three and I want people to learn from them. 

1. Some social media-addicted women expose their marital secrets online. 

This is where most marriages have problems. Once a married woman is so addicted to the internet that she always discusses what is going on in her marriage with people, that is where different advice that will affect her home will start to come. 

2. Some social media addicted women are promiscuous: 

It is now common for most women who are addicted to the internet to love chatting with men online and abandon their husbands, especially when there is a misunderstanding between them. It is a fact that some women are mostly connected to men nowadays online, which is why many men dislike women who are social media addicts because it is easy for them to connect with strange men.

3. Some Social Media Addicted Women Prefer To Buy Data When They Are Broke Than To Cater For Their Husbands: 

This is a point I derived from experience. Some women prefer to buy data on their phones than to strive to get food for their husbands or children at the moment they are out of data. 

These points are the reasons why Harry's song warns men to be very careful about marrying a social media addict woman. What he was saying is that such women can do undo to stay online. 

Hence, I will advise Nigerian women to minimize their love of social media. It is not always good if one tags something to do or dies.

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