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3 Things You Should Not Say To The Man You love.

As a woman, there are some things you don't have to open your mouth to tell a man, mostly the man you love because there is power in your mouth. In most situations you just have to keep your mouth shut, so you won't end up breaking your relationship because the value of silence cannot be over-stated.

1. You will never be a better man than your sibling or my ex-lover.

Everybody in life has he or her own shortcomings, flaws and extraordinary abilities, as a woman you have to know the type of words that do come out of your month sometimes you think it doesn't mean anything, but it means a lot to your man, don't take advantage of his relative or your ex-lover to compare him, try your best to make him become a better man because such words do harm relationship so much if you are reading this, and you always say this to your man you have to stop such behavior, make him to become the man you always dream of having. 

2. You're not a manly man, either. 

You don't have to say such to your man, if he was the one who told you such how will you feel about it, that word can make start feeling uncomfortable, as a woman always respect your man, even when he is wrong right to correct him no matter how angry you are at that moment never open your man to tell am his not a manly man no matter how big or tall he is that word has putting fear into him, never say such word to him again. 

3. There is something wrong with you. 

We all are different people and we reason things differently, you might tell him such while both of you are playing, but he will take it serious and end up saying you insulted him, he will feel very bad because no one wants to be taken as a second opinion, or you dated him out of pity, always adore you man no matter what happen, value and respect him, and you will notice that he will never joke with you, if you have the type of lady who do all this I just listed you have to stop, so you won't end up losing your relationship.

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