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Meaning of the virtuous woman according to Proverbs 31 and 5 ways to apply it in your life daily

How hard it is to find a virtuous wife, she is worth far more than jewels. A virtuous woman is rare to find, she is unique and knows her worth and value in the society. When she is discovered, she is valued and not taken for granted.

She is always busy, she is industrious, strong and hardworking and always looks after family needs. She knows the value of everything she makes and works late into the night.

She is generous to the poor. She is strong and respected and not afraid of the future because she is prepared for it, always trusting in the lord who has secured the future for her and those around her.

She speaks with gentle wisdom. Many women are good wives but she is the best.Her beauty comes from honoring the lord.


1. To become a virtuous wife, you have to first of all become a virtuous woman. As a single lady, learn to know your worth and your worth cones from knowing and giving honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. He calls you his daughter, his princess, his child for we are all children of God.

2. A virtuous woman is an independent woman. She is not lazy, she is strong and responsible. Train yourself to be strong, industrious and hard-working, capable of providing for your needs and the needs of others rather than being dependent on a man to do so for you.

3. A virtuous woman is a giver, charitable to the poor. Learn to be a giver rather than a receiver. Charity is a great virtue. Once you train yourself to be independent, you will have more than enough to give back to those in need.

4. Learn to speak gently. Let your words be filled with wisdom. Drop the habit of nagging and develop a habit of speaking gently. Do not allow society to drag you down with it. A virtuous woman is known for her gentle words of wisdom.

5. Remember that you are unique. Do not follow the crowd for a virtuous woman is rare to find according to the scriptures. Every woman is designed to be unique and precious and not to be mishandled or mistreated. Remember that it's the way you treat and carry yourself, that you will be treated.

6. Becoming a virtuous woman requires faith as well. You may be faced with challenges on a daily basis but your faith and trust in God can help you overcome and not fall for any temptation that may come your way easily.

7. Most importantly you need to take care of your health and your physical looks. Making sure that you are fit and you look good.

Remember that for you to achieve all these , you need to put God first. Honor and glorify God and he will guide you into becoming the best version of yourself that he created you to be. Build a relationship with God and he will guide you.

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