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Please help me, i had an affair with my father-in-law and it's affecting my marriage.(fiction).

My name is Abigail, am a 29 year old mother of two. I am married to my husband who is 37 years of age and everything has been going smoothly for us since we got married. I met him during his NYSC service in zaria, Nigeria. As a handsome graduate and a visionary also a 6ft2 inches tall man and heavily built, I fell for him when a friend of mine introduced him to me.

After about a year dating, he surprised me by proposing to me on our 1 year anniversary. I accepted and we began our marriage preparations as he wanted to travel abroad for his masters. The day I met his father, was the day my sorrows started. Though a rich man his father was, and as old as he is ( 61-65) he still had extra-marital affairs with younger ladies. He looked at me in a seductive manner and gave me a shoulder hug. I was disturbed my the way he looked at me but since my husband to be was there, I waved it aside. The father though kept glancing at me from time to time from where he is seated.

Things moved so fast after that but everything I visited his hometown, I tried to avoid contact with his father at all cost. 3 months later, We were happily married and after 1 month honeymoon, he began his Visa application process and luckily ran everything in the space of 3 weeks. He left for the airport after everything and left Nigeria on the 27th of June 2009. Die to the fact that he left an adequate amount of money for me before travelling, j had no need for anything and also within his first few months he began sending money for my upkeep and everything.

This was when the devil, his father creeped into my life. This man started visiting my apartment frequently with the disguise of checking up on his daughter-in-law. He bough different thing while coming so I thought I was fairly usual for married ladies. Then it happened. We where having a conversation about when my husband, his son would be coming back, then he asked out of the blue,

'Abigail how do you satisfy your sexual needs with your husband's absent'.

I was dumb founded because you dont discuss these issues with anyone except your husband. I did as if I did not hear him, and he said again,

'Abigail date me'

I blatantly refused and cautioned him, he was unmoved and stood from where he was seated. Moved towards the door and told me to think about it. I was disturbed the whole day, confused on what to do. I even contemplated moving to my parents house and all that, but no solution was forth coming. One day, he sent a text that read

'Do as I said or risk your marriage'

When I saw this, all manner of thoughts overwhelmed me. He could crash my marriage but making different claims. He once met my male colleague when he visited, who came to return the file he took from me because I went home early that very day so he stopped by to give it back. He must have thought I was having an affair. He visited not long after that, and continue where he left off trying to convince me but later resorted to threats. I cant put down what transpired from their but bottom line, I somehow slept with him.

I slept with him a few more times, until I started vomiting and exhibiting different signs of pregnancy. I immediately went for test and it was positive. I cried the whole day for my betrayal. He must have known and stopped coming. All this happened on the first two weeks of my husband's travel. So I told him about the pregnancy. He was happy thinking that it was his. He began preparing to return and all. I was 6 months when he returned and he took well care of me. I put to bed a boy. And after 2 years of marriage and another kid, it was all moving fine. By then his father had died of blood sugar.

After burial, he proposed that since he would be travelling back (he wants to live there permanently) he wants us with him. I managed to delay all that because of my first son is not his. One day while I was at the office, I got a call from his school that my son had cold and started having seizures so was rushed to the hospital from the school clinic. I was texted the address and I rushed down there. I met my husband by his bedside and he told me all that had happened and how the doctors took his blood test to run a text. The doctor unfortunately was our family doctor so has my husband's blood sample. I met the doctors husband has gone home and he asked me if the child was really my husband's. I knew it was a about to be in the open, so I pleaded with him to slow things down while I would be the one to tell my husband myself. He agreed but I know if I take too long, he would tell him himself for the were friends from high school.

Now pls I dont know how to tell him to avoid crashing the marriage. I need an advice.

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