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How to improve your family relationship

Family is a very important part of our lives and it shapes how we behave and our future in the long run. There improving the family to bond can be achieved through this ways.

-Communicate. It can help a lot, Don't be afraid to talk about all things, small and big, with your siblings and your parents. Talk about school, an interesting book you read, something that will capture their attention. Sometimes, communication is the best way of bonding with your family.

-Seeing things from their point of view: Seeing things from their point of view helps improve the family. Lack of not seeing things from your children point of view might make them not like you, after all, people do something for a reason, find out why they did what they did and if it is actually wrong don't yell at them rather sit them down and advise them. Yelling doesn't work it only weakens the family bond.

-Eat together. Many studies have shown that adolescents are happier and better adjusted in families who regularly eat dinner together. Even if you don't have kids, family meal time is a chance to reconnect and talk about your day. Children often use this opportunity to get general advise from the people they love and trust.

-Assign chores to the member of the family as a team and individually: Assigning duties to members of the family as an individual helps them work well be independent and also as a group help them understand the importance of teamwork .

-Set aside time for family. Sometimes you might want to hang out with your friends, you also have to set time for your family ,just want to sit down and have a nice time with them. On occasions where you feel like going out take the whole family out , going on a picnic, go to your favorite restaurant, an amusement park and spend time with then it helps in bonding. Try to make time for both of these, because you also need friends and be clear about the boundaries between them.

-Don’t try to solve problems for your loved ones. Caring for your family doesn’t mean taking charge of their problems, giving unsolicited advice, or protecting them from their own emotions. Let them know their own strengths and allow them to ask you for what they need. After all it is your duty to guide them not command them to your will.

-Never Taking side: Taking sides can be very tempting especially when you know one it right and the other is wrong, but remember they are both your kids. So never make one of them feel right at the expense of the other, rather seek a middle ground where they can both agree on. Choosing side breed negativity in the mind of the other towards their siblings and maybe even you.

-Talk to a trusted friend about your family problems. In most cases talking to a friend or someone you trust can lift a heavy load off your chest, making room for fun and joy in your life. Of course if the issue is bad or even unacceptable, you should seek help to therapists or counsellor.

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