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Words you must say to yourself every morning when you wake up

Waking up is a privilege, you should be thankful for the gift of life. 

Good morning is said every day, do you feel it? Is it really a good morning for you? It is another opportunity for you to start again, to turn your dream into reality. 

Below are some words you must say to yourself, first thing in the morning for a better and great day:

1. Today is a new day.

Yesterday is gone. I'm ready for a new day, new chance, new life, and new blessing. It’s yet another day to make progress and change whatever I want to change and be whoever I want to be. 

2. Tomorrow won't hurry up.

No matter what, tomorrow will surely come and it won't hurry up. Worry less for tomorrow, face today, work for today and enjoy today.

3. I am the best version of myself.

I'm like no other, I'm wonderfully and fearfully made. There is nobody that is perfect. I'm the best version of me, I'm priceless, unbeatable and nothing can change that.

4. Yesterday doesn't define me.

Yesterday is gone, it can never define me. Today is another day, I'm brand new and the best. 

5. No one expects me can control my happiness.

No one can tell me when too happy, my happiness can never be controlled. I have the key to my happiness. I can only choose to reduce it, no one can control it.

6. Life goes on.

No matter what happens in this life, life continues. The past is gone, I have to face the present and let the world see what I'm made up. I must forget every sorrow, heartbreak, failure, and suffering. I must move on.

7. I can start over anytime.

Starting over doesn't mean you fail, it is when you give up that makes you a failure. It is my life, I can start anytime, anywhere and any day. My life is in my hand.

8. Failures are okay.

It is when you give up that truly means you have failed. Everyone fails, but they quickly get up and start again. If I fail, I'll get up and I'll be successful.

9. Today is another miracle.

Seeing today is a gift. I know today is another miracle and it will happen in my life today. I'll keep pushing and I'll see a helping hand.

10. I can achieve all my dreams.

I'll achieve my dreams no matter how hard it is. Age is just a number and other factors are just restrictions. I'll get to my promise land. I'll never ever give up.

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