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5 questions you need to ask your partner before you get married.

5 questions you need to ask your partner before you get married.

Marriage is a life time event you must know heo you are spending your entire life with if you don't want to end up breaking in the middle, you don't have be scared to ask your partner any questions, asking questions that are bothering you shows that you really have concern for the relationship.

We have listed some questions which we feel you need to ask your partner before getting involved in the marriage.

1. His health status - This is very necessary to ask, it is even compulsory for the both of you to go for test, to know your health status before getting involved with each other intimately.

2. His financial status - It is better to know your partner financial status and don't depend on when God will manifest, even if he isn't financially buoyant but shows traits of hardwork and signs of getting rich in the nearest future, you can go on with him.

3. His does and don't - You need to know his does and don't, you will surprised that petty arguement leads to divorce in a marriage, so you have to be careful to know who you are getting married to.

4. Know if you share the same belief - Make sure the person you are getting involved with has the same perspective as you, don't marry someone who doesn't believe in your dreams or show no plans of supporting you.

5. The family traits - There are many family that has a disease trait in one way or the other, ask your will be husband or wife what type of disease runa through their family, so you will now how to gird your loins.

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