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Stop Saying 'I Want To Charge', See The Right Thing To Say

There are so many things we say daily that is incorrect. Speaking and writing in English as Non-native speakers can be difficult sometimes. Grammatical errors appear in different ways and can confuse the meaning of a sentence.

Everyone makes mistakes when they learn something new so you are prone to make mistakes when you learn a new language.

See some common grammatical errors that Nigerians usually make.

1. I have a good news for you: Incorrect.

I have good news for you: Correct.

2. Women usually commit less Crimes than men: Incorrect

Women commit fewer Crimes than men: correct.

3. Don't go in the sun: Incorrect

Don't Go Out In The Sun: Correct


4. I will cut my hair today: Incorrect

I will have my hair cut today: Correct.

5. I can't Get Over your look: Incorrect

Simply say "You look gorgeous"

6. "I want to charge My Phone": Incorrect

"I want to charge Up My Phone"

The reason; When you say "Charge" it means you want to put electricity into any form of electrical device like a battery.

Example: Emeka drove the bike around the house to charge up the battery. 

You charge it up because it will increase the charge that is available on it.

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