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Things You Can Do To Make Your Girlfriend Miss You

Men usually feel ten feet tall anytime a lady starts showing them she's missing them.

It's a great feeling that we all love to experience, especially when you are dealing with someone you love.

When a lady starts missing you, she won't be able to hide her emotions from you. She might start sending you messages or even give you a call.

However, bear in mind that you must not maltreat her when she's showing how much she misses you.

Let it be a chance for you to show her how much you love her too.

Before a woman can start missing you, there must be some things you have been doing for her.

Give her quality attention. Always give her a call in the morning and at night. Ask about how her day went. You can do this consecutively for a while.

She will start missing you the moment you fail to call her again as you used to do.

This is because she has gotten so familiar with your calls and can't do without them again.

Make yourself available for her emotionally, physically, and financially. Give her a shoulder to lean on.

Make sure she doesn't feel forsaken whenever she's counting on you.

Anytime you are unavailable to give her the support she needs, she might start feeling your absence.

She will wish that you were around to assist her.

Women love to receive compliments from men. Try to tell her how beautiful she looks.

Compliment her on how she looks in her clothes or her pictures. Do this consecutively for some time.

Whenever she needs compliments, and you are not available, she'll start feeling your absence.

Make her laugh anytime she's with you. Let your sense of humor attract her interest in you.

She will always want to be around you whenever she's feeling bored at home.

She will love to talk with you because you always make her happy with your funny stories.

The trick is to find out what she likes, give it to her continuously for some time.

Thereafter, try to make yourself unavailable. She might want to know your whereabouts or how you are doing. That is how she will start to miss you.

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