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To Every Nigerian Parent

Number 1: Parents must know that the progress and well being of their children are within them because they are the first teacher of their children. Parents have great responsibility both to their children and to the nation.

Number 2: Do not neglect to tell or give sound moral

instruction to your children especially when they are very young.

Number 3: Do not allow your children to join bad companies such as stealing

and never allow them to move together with bad people, hooligans, drunkards, and useless people.

Number 4: Don't be brutal to your children, the best way to educate or teach a child is not by flogging but by

gentle coaching. This does not mean that you should not beat him/her in extreme cases.

Number 5: Don't over pet your children. If you over pet a child you are bound to spoil the child and the

saying "Spare the rod spoil the child" becomes true to you.

Number 6: Don't let your children wander aimlessly from house to house.

You must keep him/her close to you and let him/her occupy his time usefully either by playing with toys which you should buy him/her by learning his/her lesson.

Number 7: Don't quarrel with your neighbour because your child fought with her child. It is not wise to so.

Children's quarrel only lasts for a short period.

Number 8: Do not let your children go hungry. You must feed them properly in the right hours. Hunger

makes children to steal and think of many bad things.

Number 9: Do not leave your children dirty. You should see that their clothes are clean. Dirtiness causes

sickness in the family.

Number 10: Do not neglect to make your children happy and buy them new dresses during the time of

Christmas period, Easter and any time necessary.

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