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Signs Of Emotional Intelligence In A Partner.

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A partner that has emotional intelligence is an asset to a relationship. Emotions deal with our thoughts and feelings. With such intelligence, one can easily connect and attend to the emotional needs of a partner.

Emotional maturity is synonymous with emotional intelligence. There are some signs that a partner is emotionally intelligent.

The maintenance of thriving friends and family contacts over time shows emotional intelligence. Some partners cannot account for great past relationships. It has always been an unhealthy or quarrelsome end in their past relationships. That is not a good track record. The emotionally intelligent has a good record of relationships with friends and family.

During a crisis in a relationship, a partner would always have a means of relieving the attendant stress. Such a means is known as the coping skill. During conflicts, some partners resort to drugs, violence, alcohol, neglect of duties, etc, as a coping skill to manage the stress. However, some partners would adopt reading, singing, silence, prayer, etc, as a coping skill. It shows emotional intelligence.

Effective communication is required for a successful relationship. It is unfortunate having a partner that lacks good listening and talking skills. They hardly remember or follow up on a discussion. We have more good talkers than great listeners. However, a partner with emotional intelligence is a great listener.

It is a commendable thing when a partner takes responsibility for his/her actions. The acceptance or acknowledgement of one's mistakes or errors is a sign of emotional intelligence. There is no shifting of blames. A partner that refuses to acknowledge or admit to making a mistake is emotionally immature.

Words, when spoken, cannot be easily retrieved from the ears of the hearers. An emotionally intelligent partner thinks before uttering words. Words are powerful. They take their time before responding to a comment. They carefully choose their words and actions to avoid offences.

A partner with some of the above-listed signs or traits is emotionally intelligent.

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