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Opinion: Disadvantages Of Dating Someone That Is Over Reliant On You

Being in a relationship with an over-reliant partner could be quite exhausting. They depend on you on so many things. You would hardly have time for your own self just because you are in a relationship. 

A dependant partner might not only be money-wise. It might be other material things, it might be emotionally, it might be on other aspects of life. 

At the first instance, you might not take it too seriously and think it's normal, but it doesn't take too long before all these things are noticed. Most times the relationship doesn't last. Being in a relationship with someone does not mean it's a must you will take all their responsibilities.

Dating someone that is over reliant on you comes with other disadvantages like not having peace of mind. doing things you don't want to do. 

What happens when you stop doing what they depend on you for?. You might discover that is what have kept them in the relationship.

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