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Opinion: Ways To Support Someone You Love

Is not enough to live for ourselves. You have to live for yourself and also live for something.  

Watching people we love go down to path of struggle and self-destruction is one of the most painful thing to experience. 

It also feel terrible to watch your loved ones, go through misery, and we watch them, without aiding any help because of one thing or the other. Here are some ways you can support a loved one through difficult moments.

1. Continue to live your life

I know this sounds somehow. But, it is the right thing to do. Yourself should be your first priority. You will be hurting yourself when you are depressed, traumatized and having sleepless night because you are worrying about a loved one. 

2. Unconditional love

Loving people doesn't mean solving their life issues. It means listening, asking questions and living them to stay where they are and to be who they are during that moment. And also, telling them that you love them 'unconditionally'.

3. Understand your role

Is never your duty to fix their problem. Because there are limitations to what we can control. Know your role in your friend's struggle and aid them in every possible way you can.

4. Prayer

Prayer is another way to help in the situation. Offer your voice of prayer and ask God to see them through.

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