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Husband and wife relationship

Are You Really Ready For Marriage? Check Out These Annoying Things You Must Endure From Your Spouse.

Marriage is a union blessed by God. In definition, Marriage can be defined as the coming together of a man and woman to become husband and wife.

It is said that when a man weds a woman, they become one to live happily till death do them part. But surprisingly, most marriages nowaday are really not improving.

Youths of nowadays think more about their relationship not knowing that marriage is a whole new dimension.

Ladies are just all about the surprise proposing in which they run to post on social media and also the blast of a wedding so as to show off to their firends.

But they dont calm down and plan how their marriages would work, because wedding is very different from marriage.

Wedding ceremony just happen in a day but marriage is what happens afterwards till death or divorce.

Since nobody is perfect, then there is supposed to be an understanding between both parties so as to have a lasting effect in marriage.

For example, most women take a whole lot of time to prepare for an occasion. They make up and make up and make up and end up going late to events. When they get married, only a patient husband can endure the time wasting when they want to go out.

Moving on to the guys, some guys dont really have the listening time, so they just pretend to listen and trust me, it pisses a lady off. Ladies love a guy who listens to them and supports them in almost everything.

Just a bit wake up call, relationships are so different from marriage. That is why most times, you hear your spouse saying "you have changed ohh" "this is not how you were oh" and vice versa. This is because when you guys enter marriage proper, the real things begin to happen.

For you to enjoy your marriage, you also need to stop listening to some friends. Not what happened in your friends marriage can happen to yours. Build your marriage and seek advice from older people.

Finally, accept your spouse, everyone is annoying. So even in the midst of the annoyance, MAKE IT WORK!!!!

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