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Ladies:Check Out 10 Ways You Can Show Love To Your Man And Make Him Stick To You

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Large numbers of young ladies or women in leaving in the planet Earth are either dating or longing to be in a relationship, for those who are already in a relationship this article will guide you on how to treat your man and protect him from other predators(women) waiting with their claws widely open to take away your man. Follow the steps below and I promise you, You will have your Man until you guys successfully get married in years to come.

Men are not robot they are also human like the girls they have feelings and emotions just like the Women.but some womem don't know how to love the man they are dating.

Some ladies think that the only way to show love to a guy is by having sex with him, that why some girls don't have anything to offer a guy than to give him their bodies for sex. Sex is not a prove of sex don't use sex to prove love to a guy as a lady, you can prove that you love a guy by the following ways.

1.Gift/surpises: just like any girl would like to get gifts from her man so do guys too, guys also want gift and surprises it proves to them that they don't only have a woman in their lives but also a live partner who is ready to stand for him in any situation. Try surprising your Man at least twice a month and that will make them feel happy about you.

2.Launch:Taking a man out for launch as a woman or preparing a very nice home made launch will make your man very happy it will make him always think and feel good about you.try preparing home made meals for your man or try taking him out atleast once for launch.

3.Send him love text messages: sending your man love text messages is just like showing your him that you're present and currently thinking of him, it also draws his attention to you. If you do these continuously you will finally get his attention to only you in such a way that if other girls try they won't get him. Send your man text messages at least 2 twice a day.

4.Give him phone calls daily and at least once daily. Ask him how he is doing and tell him that you Love him.

5. Nice Dishes. Occasionally you can cook delicious meals for him, maybe once in a week or once in two weeks, but not every day like a house wife.

6. Support him but financially and spiritually, not only helping him with some cash when he is broke but also praying for him will go a long way in maintaining the relationship.

7.Take him out for shopping at least once a year you will not die.

9. Advice:Men also need advice from their women, because we all know that men have their way of taking decision and it entirely different from the way women make decisions try and air out your own opinion to him tell him how you feel about it this will go a long way in safeguarding the relationship.

10. seduce:When I talke of seduction it not necessarily having sex with him try and behave in a sexual manner when ever you are with him, try wearing attractive dresses like bumb short, and so on this will make him take his eyes away from other women.

I promise you if you follow the above rules your man will be yours and yours alone.

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