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5 Crucial Questions To Ask Someone About Their Ex Before Dating Them

Before starting a new relationship with someone, you need to discover some things about what happened between them and their ex.

This information will guide you through the new relationship to know whether you will date the person or not.

If you make up your mind to date your new partner, this information will help you have a happy relationship since you already have an idea of who you are dating.

Ask If Their Ex Has Moved On With Their Lives

You need to find out if his or her ex has moved on with their lives or the person still keeps in touch with them.

If your new partner still tries to communicate with his or her ex, there's a probability that they will have an affair with their ex again.

If their ex has moved on, they are completely single and ready for a new relationship.

What Usually Caused Their Quarrel?

This will give you an insight into what your new partner likes or dislikes.

You will know the things you need to avoid and what you need to do that will make him or her happy.

How Did They Break Up?

The way both of them ended the relationship will determine their status.

You need to know if they broke up violently, peacefully, or they only stopped talking to each other without informing themselves of the break up.

Ask If Their Ex Cheated On Them Or If They Cheated On Their Ex

You need to know if any of them cheated on each other when they were dating.

If your new partner confesses to having cheated, he or she will be someone who is honest.

If his or her ex cheated on them, but they were faithful, you will need to put an effort into making them trust you.

Are They Hoping To See Their Ex Again?

Try to find out if they are expecting their ex to come back to apologize to them or they don't want to see them again.

This is important so that by the time you start dating him or her, their ex won't become an issue in your relationship.

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