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3 Simple Words You Should Always Use In Your Relationship

There are three simple words you must endeavor to always use in your relationship with your partner, family, friends, and your boss at work.

These three words can save you from unnecessary arguments. Complications with issues can be avoided or handled differently.

Undoubtedly, there's no way a relationship can exist without disagreements.

However, there are some words you say that can complicate issues, and there are some simple words you say that will pacify your partner.

These three words are short but are powerful enough to appease someone who is disagreeing with you.

I'm Sorry

You must learn to say this word to allow peace to take preeminence in your relationship. In most cases, saying you are sorry does not mean you cannot make good judgment.

It only means you don't have the strength and time for arguments or dragging issues that may become more complicated.

Sometimes, you say sorry when you know that you've hurt someone or have made things difficult for them.

You might not want to trust someone who keeps proving to you that he or she is always right.

So you say I'm sorry, just to win back someone's confidence and to display your humility.


This word is very short but speaks a lot about who you are. It makes people feel as if you are not demanding your rights from them.

It makes people see you as someone who is not enforcing his or her authority on them.

Whenever you want to ask someone to do something, always use this word at the beginning of your sentence.

Even if you want to ask your partner to do their duty, if you use this word, it makes you appear like someone who is very polite.

I Love You

This three-letter word can save your marriage from falling apart. It's a statement that you should always say to your partner and children.

It's a way of reassuring someone that you still love them regardless of anything.

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