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How To Woo A Girl You Are Just Knowing For The First Time

Most guys consider this as a very difficult task. I mean, to approach a girl who you are just knowing for the first time and try to get her attention and love.

On contrary, this is not really difficult. It only takes determination and courage. First, you have to develop confidence in yourself. In what you can say and what you can do. You must be ready to face the girl and speak with her no matter how big or beautiful the lady is.

I want you to understand that the beauty of a lady does not determine the way you approach her. Some of them are beautiful but they are not actually very difficult to approach. However, if you want to woo a girl you are just knowing for the first time these are the steps you should follow:

1. Dress Modestly: You have to wear a very classy dress which will bring out your modesty and your beauty. The dressing alone is enough to catch her attention and make her to be ready to speak with you.

2. Compose yourself: Before you can stop her, makesure that you're well composed so that she would be ready to listen to whatever you want to say.

3. Makesure your accent is mature enough: This one of the important things you have to work on — your accent — the way you speak. Makesure it is very mature so that she wouldn't snub you along the way.

4. Stop her with respect: Words like "excuse me sister" "please can I have your time" "please spare me your time". Those are polite words you should say to get her attention. Once you're able to get her attention. The next thing is to start an interesting conversation with her.

5. Introduce yourself politely and ask her to do so also: You can start with "I'm John by name, I school in UniJos, I'm currently an intern of Tycoon Oil company... And so on" Or "I'm James by name, I work at Silverspoon Mall, I just move to this area"

Then proceed to "I would like to know you better"

6. Try to maintain friendship with her as you dialogue: As the conversation is progressing, talk to her like your friend. Maintain intimacy with her as if you've known her before.

7. Make her feel special, tell her sweet words: "Do you know you're beautiful" "I like your humility" "Oh! I like the way you smile" "I would like to get this your design for my sister, it is very beautiful!" Those are words to say to make her feel special.

8. Be free with her, don't rush yourself: Remember it is her love you want to get. So you have too be free while you're still conversing with her.

9. Don't waste time and never rush to say you love her: You don't have to waste time. You have to say all you want to say in few minutes. Wasting too much of time conversing with her will bore her off and she might leave. Also, you don't also rush to say you love her, you keep that till you have gotten her WhatsApp number.

10. Ask for her WhatsApp number: After you're able to maintain intimacy with her and after you've made her feel special with your sweet words. The next thing you have to say is "I would like to get your WhatsApp contact so we can talk better" . Of course, she wouldn't have options than to give you.

11. Tell her you want to be her friend: After you have been able to get her attention and contact, tell her you want to be her friend and part with beautiful smiles.

12.Call her to tell her your feeling after you parted: You're not expected to tell her on that same spot immediately that you love her. It will be wise of you to have maintained good intimacy with her on WhatsApp in the afternoon of that day so you can know more about her. However, after you have known her; call her late in the evening to profess your love for her.

Those are just simple tips to woo a girl you're just knowing for the first time. Do you have any contrary opinion? Please share in the comment section. Like and share.

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Content created and supplied by: Olaniyi.Ololade.Moses (via Opera News )



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